• Mine equipments
  • Crusher
  • Dippers & trucks
  • Maintenance sprays for automotive
  • Construction
Earth Moving Equipments
1.Earthmoving equipments


  • Eni - Eni engine oils
  • Eni – Eni Hydraulic oil
  • Pins, bush grease - kluber specialty grease
  • Swing bearing - kluber specialty grease
  • V-belts - Pix auto motive belts
  • Batteries – SF sonic batteries
  • Tools – Penda tools
Rock Breakers
2.Rock breakers

OKS Chisel Paste For Chisel Application
Application areas: OKS Chisel paste is a lubricating high temperature paste used for preventing seizure and premature wear of thread in/plug-in tools and also wearing bushes used in pneumatic/hydraulic hammers.
OKS chisel paste forms an efficient lubricating and anti-seizing film on the surface and prevents these from normal or fretting corrosion.
Advantages & Benefits:
  • t is an ideal lubricant for threaded connections and also wearing bushes, which are exposed to vibratory loads.
  • It avoids seizing threaded connections especially shoulder joints.
  • It is equipped with special additives and solid lubricants such as copper and graphite in an aluminum complex base.
  • It has been specifically designed for those applications which are exposed to load and temperature.
  • It forms a lubricating layer whereby physical separations of surfaces are achieved which actively helps prevent seizure and wear.
Technical Data:
Parameters Specification
Appearance Copper brown coloured paste
Worked penetration 310-320,0.1 mmat+25ºc
Resistance to water 1-90
Temperature Range -20ºCto +1100ºC (only solid components of the paste can withstand temp.upto+1100ºC

1. Main bearing lubricants

Kluberplex MH 41 – 682 BH (Multipurpose High Temperature Grease)
Description: Kluberplex MH 41-682 BH is a lithium complex grease based on mineral oil. Lithium complex soap thickener with special mineral oil: offer excellent resistance to oxidation at high temperature and good work stability.
Application: Kluber MH 41-682 BH is a Multipurpose Lubricants suitable for use at elevated temperature for high load & low speed application in steel & sponge iron plants especially recommended for high temperature application for slip seal in KILNS of sponge iron plants.
Application Notes: Kluberple MH-41-682 BH is a pumpable or feeling though central lubrication station
Minimum shelf life: The minimum shelf life is approx. 24 months from the date of manufacture, if the product is stored in its unopened original container in a cool and dry place.
Available pack sizes – 1, 5, 30,180kgs
  • OKS -410
  • OKS – 1250
  • Kluber 1501

2. Vibrater Grease – OKS 410 (Mos2 High-Performance, Long Life Grease)

OKS 410
Application area: Used for all motor bearing and Housing Bearing
  • Very high load carrying capacity
  • Performs well in rough operating conditions and in humid atmospheres
  • Extension or relubricating intervals
  • Four ball load of 4000 N
  • Optimum protection against corrosion

3. Other application – OKS 410.

4. Vee belts – pix transmission belts – A,B,C,D

5. Maintenance sprays

  • OKS 641 rust remover,
  • OKS 2621/1 contact cleaner off line,
  • OKS 2600 cleaner(bearing and gear box cleaning)

6. Lighting

Moser baer led bulbs
  • 1.Street lights
  • 2.Tube lights
  • 3.High bay lights

7. Solar:- Moser baer on grid solar

8. Generators – ENI Engine oil, SF Sonic Batteries

9. Tools – Penda tools

Dippers & trucks


  • Eni - Eni engine oils
  • Eni – Eni Hydraulic oil
  • Pins, bush grease - kluber specialty grease
  • Swing bearing - kluber specialty grease
  • V-belts - Pix auto motive belts
  • Batteries – SF sonic batteries
  • Tools – Penda tools

Kluber Varilup pks-2

OKS Heavy duty wheel Bearing Grease
Long lasting wheel bearing grease
Description: Varilup pks-2 grease is a trouble free, long lasting lubricant for automotive wheel bearing.
Application: Varilub pks 2 provides ultimate performance in wheel bearing hub assemblies especially for stressed application like in heavy and light commercial vehicles & jeep: suitable for grease cups, universal joints, marine application, heavy earth moving wheel bearing assemblies & all type of water pumps.
Application Notes: VARILUP PKS 2 can be applied by means of brush, spatula or grease gun.
VARILUP PKS 2 is an extreme operating performance grease. So ensure old grease is completely removed before this high quality used for better performance results.
  • Good sticking property on metal surface.
  • Excellent performance lubricants
  • Resistance to water wash out and spray off
  • Excellent anti oxidation stability, rust and corrosion protection
  • High shear stability
  • Maintanis the structure even after long period of operations
  • Wide operating temperature range
  • Withstands excessive churning effects
  • Has undergone FE9,FE*, roll stability test wth very good results along with many other tests.
Maintenance sprays (2 Wheeler Sprays

OKS chain lube spray
OKS chain lube spray
Application Areas: OKS Chain Lube Spray is designed for long lasting lubrication of Motorcycle chains, to withstand severe environmental conditions as existing on roads. It is fortified with additives that give good adhesion, protection against corrosion & emergency lubricating properties.
Advantages and Benefits:
  • Reduces chain noise
  • Has excellent corrosion protection properties
  • Has excellent water resistant properties
  • Does not drip off easily
  • Does not evaporate easily
  • Reduces wear – fortified with additives that give
  • Emergency lubricating properties
  • Results in a smoother ride for the rider
Special Features: Reduces Wear & increases Chain Life.
Mode of Application:
  • Place the bike on centre stand
  • Clean chain using OKS 2601 – Aerosol spray can. Spray on full length of chain by rolling the rear wheel in reverse direction. Gently wipe the chain by using a clean dry cloth.
  • Spray a light coating of OKS Chain Lube Spray using extension tube on full length of chain by rolling the rear wheel in reverse direction.
    • Spray lubricant inside the chain between rollers and bushes.
    • Also on both sides of chain.
  • Shake vertically OKS Chain Lube Spray can well before use. Shake till the noise of the steel ball is heard uniformly.
  • After each use, turn the can upside down and spray till only the propellant gas comes out.

OKS rust breakers
OKS rust breakers
Fields of Application: High-performance rust remover for fast and nondestructive disassembly of extremely seized-up parts or bolts, e.g. for vehicles, agricultural or construction machinery, vessels and port facilities; also for all machinery in industry and trade.
Advantages and Benefits: The solvent contained in OKS 621 cools down the assembled parts/screws rapidly to -40°C. This results in a slight shrinkage of the affected profile. Capillary cracks in the corrosion layer appear, allowing an easier penetration of the creeping oil. Contrary to a heat treatment of seized-up bolts OKS 621 does not cause heating damages in the environment. No damages through overheating. OKS 621 is resin and acid-free. Without silicone.
Application: Clean components from dirt. Shake well before use. Spray from a distance of 10 –15 cm on to the parts/screws and allow OKS 621 to react for 1 – 2 min. Repeat treatment if necessary. For additional questions please contact our technical department.

OKS Batteries Terminal Sprays-OKS 2131
  • Protects uncovered surfaces, readily accessible interior surfaces of machines, pipes, heat exchangers, boilers, turbines, transformers etc., during standby, storage or shipping even in outdoor environment.
  • Protects metals parts, components or assemblies between processing or machine steps.
  • Protects external and internal surfaces of equipments on offshore drilling and production platforms.
  • Protects wire ropes, cables, wires, chains, transmissions, hydraulic pistons, cylinders and structural components.
  • Also used as an equipment undercoating.
Advantages and Benefits:
  • Is an removable coating that provides optimal corrosion protection for metals exposed to indoor as well as outdoor environment
  • Provides semi-dry translucent film
  • Moisture displacing and penetrating film
  • Thermally stable coating over a broad range of temperatures
  • Excellent UV and Salt spray resistance
  • Prevents galvanic corrosion between dissimilar metals
  • Conforms to MIL-C-16173 D (Grades 1 and 2)

OKS 2621/2 Contact Cleaner Spray
Application areas: HFor cleaning all types of electric and contacts, instruments, PCB’s, computer screens, relays, switches etc.
Regular spraying of OKS 2621/2 keeps the contacts and circuits clean.
OKS 2621/2 will not be effective in cleaning pitted and blackened contacts.
Advantages and Benefits:
  • Penetrating action removes oil, grease, dirt and other contaminant
  • Harmless to plastic and insulators
  • Evaporates quickly without any residue
  • Cleans the contacts and circuits without need to dismantle
  • The spray form makes application easy and economical
  • Low toxicity
  • Forms no residue
  • Will not stain fabric
3/4 Wheeler Sprays
  • OKS Chain Lube sprays
  • OKS rust breakers
  • OKS batteries terminal sprays
  • OKS contact Cleaner
  • Engine oil – Eni Lubricants
  • Hydraulic oils – Eni lubricants
  • Gear oil – Eni Gear oils
  • Grease - Eni Grease
  • Specialty grease - OKS/Kluber/Specialty wheel bearing grease
  • Belts – Pix belts
  • Batteries – SF sonic batteries